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Welcome to the GroundsFamily!

Established 6-6-2014
Leader IGN: Neural
Leader Supercell Forum: NeuralFusion
Clan Record Holders:

Highest Donations: Neural - 7001 Donations
Highest Received - SK - 4240 Received
Highest Trophy Count - KingKwong26 - 2583 Trophies

Recent Competition Winners
7-Day Competition

TrainingGrounds Leader -Neural;

3180 Donations -1674 Received

1645 Trophies

ProvingGrounds Leader -Daniel;
779 Donations - 1572 Received
1883 Trophies
Trophy Count Winner - KingKwong26 - TrainingGrounds - 2,469 Trophies
Donation Count Winner - Flighttz - TrainingGrounds- 2,747 Donations
Received Count Winner - SK - ProvingGrounds- 3,900 Received
Welcome To The GroundsFamily!

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